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Ft. Head x GPM 3960


Ft. Head x GPM 3960

or BHP =

Ft. Head x GPM 3960 x EFF



x 100

WHP = Water Horsepower

BHP = Brake Horsepower

EFF = Pump Efficiency

To determine the approximate horsepower required for an ACE centrifugal pump at a given flow and pressure:

HP =

GPM x PSI 1714 x .5

To determine the speed at which a liquid is traveling:

Velocity(ft/sec) =

.408 x GPM (pipe diameter)2

To determine the heat generated from by-passed hydraulic oil:

BTU Per Hour = GPM x PSI x 1.48

12,000 BTU/HR = 1 Ton Refrigeration

Weight of one U.S. Gallon of water = 8.34 pounds
One Cubic foot(cu.ft.) of water contains 7.48 gallons

Feet Head =

PSI(water) x 2.31 specific gravity

PSI(pounds per square inch) = Feet Head x .433

Specific gravity of water( = 1.0

Specific Gravity

Water weighs 8.34 lbs./gallon and has a specific gravity of 1. Since specific gravity is a
ratio of the weight of a liquid compared to the weight of water, the specific gravity of a liquid such as 28% nitrogen fertilizer, which weighs 10.65 lbs./gallon would be figured thus:

10.65 lbs./gallon 8.34 lbs./gallon

= 1.28 specific gravity

8 lbs./gal. 8.34 lbs./gal. 9.0 lbs./gal. .96 1.0 1.08 .98 1.0 1.04
10.0 lbs./gal. 10.65 lbs./gal 11.0 lbs./gal 1.2 1.28 1.32 1.1 1.13 1.15

All pump capacities (GPM) in this catalog are based on water. When
pumping fluids that are heavier than water, pump capacity will be less than stated on each pump performance table. To compensate for pumping heavy liquids, multiply the required pump capacity in GPM times the appropriate conversion factor from the above chart.

EXAMPLE: Required pump capacity is 50 GPM of 28% nitrogen fertilizer.

50 x 1.13 = 56.5 GPM

Then select a pump from the preceding pages that will deliver 56.5 GPM
at the desired pressure.

Conversion Factors

  Multiply By To Obtain
LENGTH inches inches feet miles 25.40 2.540 0.3048 1.609 millimeters (mm) centimeters (cm) meters (m) kilometers (km)
AREA acres acres hectares 4046.7 0.4047 2.471 square meters (m⊃2) hectares (ha) acres
VOLUME gallons gallons gallons Imperial gallons Imperial gallons U.S. gallons liter pounds water 3.785 3.785 231 4.546 1.201 .833 0.264 0.119 cubic decimeters (dm3) liters (L) cubic inches (in³) liters (L) U.S. gallons Imperial gallons gallon gallon
FLOW RATE gallons/hour (gph) gallons/minute (gpm) 3.785 3.785 liters/hour (L/h) liters/minute (L/m)
APPL. RATE gallons/acre (gpa) 9.353 liters/hectare (L/ha)
PRESSURE pounds per square inch (psi) psi ft. (head) of water inches mercury (Hg) bar kilopascal 6.895 2.31 0.433 0.491 14.5 0.145 kilopascals (kPa) ft. (head) of water psi psi psi psi
SPEED miles/hour(mph) kilometers/hour(km/h) 1.609 0.621 kilometers/hour(km/h) miles/hour(mph)
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