Application Information

To get the desired performance from an ACE Frame Mounted Pump, the proper speed ratio between the pump and drive source must be established. The following formula should
be helpful:

Pump RPM
Drive Pulley Diameter
Driveshaft RPM
Pump Pulley Diameter

For example: To drive an FMC-150-MAG pump at 5000 RPM with a drive source RPM of 3600
and knowing that the clutch pulley diameter on the pump is 5.25", what should the diameter of the drive pulley be?

5000 RPM
Drive Pulley Diameter
3600 RPM
4.75" (12cm)

English Metric
5000 x 4.75 = 23750 5000 x 12 = 60000
23750 / 3600 = 6.59 60000 / 3600 = 16.67

The drive pulley diameter, when rounded off, should be 6.5" (17 cm).

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